Cosmetic products with donkey milk from camin'âne

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Cosmetic products with donkey milk, made in Ardèche ! Direct sales.
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Cosmetic products with donkey milk from camin'âne
Cosmetic products with donkey milk from camin'âne
Cosmetic products with donkey milk from camin'âne



Stéphanie has been a donkey breeder since 2017: I have built up my herd of 20 donkeys, which I raise on the Coiron plateau in Ardèche, in Darbres and mainly in Berzème.
“In the herd, each individual has its role. Walkers, with good footing, who are for short or long distance hiking, others with their peaceful and gentle soul who are for animal mediation with fragile or disabled audiences, and even the tallest and the more robust for carrying heavy loads. And the next generation! A few little donkeys that I am training and who will stay with the herd to work and take over from the next retirees.
Then, there are the mothers who offer me their milk during the milking season. It was when weaning a little one that I discovered that milking was a moment of true sharing, where a relationship of trust was established between the mother, the breeder and her little one. I then said to myself that it was possible!
Promote and diversify farm activities using my work tools:
My flock of big-eared darlings….
This is how the story of cosmetic products in Camin’âne was born…”

I started milking a donkey in the summer of 2023 and I entrust the milk to the soap makers’ laboratory at Les Mages in Gard who have expertise in processed products.
I chose and you will find among these products, a face cream, a body milk, a shampoo, soaps and solid shampoo.
I sell these products directly, with the possibility of sending or delivery for
Ardéchois in Privas or Aubenas.

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Example of products:
Face cream, fig scent. 50ml. 25.00€
Moisturizing body milk, tiaré flower scent. 250ml. 20.00€
Liquid shampoo, broom flower scent.250ml. 15.00€
Solid shampoo, Broom flower fragrance. 100gr. 7.00€
Soap, Natural perfume.100gr. 6.00€
Soap, Creamy honey scent.100gr. 6.50€.