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List of Local producers in the Berg & Coiron territory

Here is a list of local producers in Ardèche located in the touristic territory of Berg & Coiron. To narrow your selection use the list of criteria on the left. Click on more information for a detailed description of each producer.

Domaine du Mas d’Intras Label Vignobles et DécouvertesLabel Vignobles et Découvertes

Domaine du Mas d’Intras Bookable online

The Mas d’Intras is a family-run 25-hectare estate producing organic wines. You can visit the cellar all year round to taste their PGI Ardèche wines. They have been selected to be a member of the ‘Etapes Savoureuses Ardèche’, and have been certified by the ‘Goûtez l’Ardèche’ and ‘Vignobles & Découvertes’ labels.

Phone : 04 75 52 75 36

Winegrowers’ Cooperative Label Vignobles et DécouvertesLabel Vignobles et DécouvertesSite, building totally accessibleyMotorhomes allowed

Winegrowers’ Cooperative

This wine cooperative was founded in 1952 to group together winegrowers from Valvignères, Saint-Thomé and Gras. Together, the 44 cooperative farmers produce and sell 25,000 to 30,000 hectolitres of wine on the 470 hectares of vine plantations. The cooperative bears the ‘Goûtez l’Ardèche’ quality label.

Phone : 04 75 52 60 60

Marrons Imbert

Marrons Imbert

Manufacture and sale of chestnut-based products: chestnut cream, marrons glacés, chestnut purée, chestnut paste, candied chestnuts in syrup. Direct sales to the public. Goûtez l’Ardèche®.

Phone : 04 75 35 13 39

L’Oliveraie de la Bastide

L’Oliveraie de la Bastide

” gold of an exceptional land”, L’Oliveraie de la Bastide, Richard and Catherine Boucant, passionate about beekeeping and olive growing, offer you their honeys and olive oils from Ardèche, all their production is in reasoned culture.

Phone : 06 73 36 77 49