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Associations: members and non-members.

LSF en Ardèche Hearing disabilityAccessible for self-propelled wheelchairs

LSF en Ardèche

Meeting between the world of hearing people practicing sign language or wanting to practice it with the world of the deaf. Organization of cafés/signs, restaurant/signs, guided tours in LSF, themed courses, walks/signs and many other events…

Phone : 06 59 70 30 53

Association Culture en Fait

Association Culture en Fait

The association wants to promote the culture with the educative, artistic, social dimensions in Villeneuve de Berg and its surroundings.
It organizes many events all around the year such as the festival “d’une cour à l’autre” last week-end of May.

Phone : 06 17 14 33 67

Association Accueil Ibie

Association Accueil Ibie

Group of owners of accomodations and beds and breakfast in the Vallée de l’Ibie. The goal of the association is to promote hospitality and tourism in the Ibie Valley and its surroundings.

Phone : 04 75 37 46 72

Association Bugnes et Fêtes

Association Bugnes et Fêtes

The “Fête de la Bugne”, created in 1997 by a group of passionate Saint-Jeannais, has become over the years an important event in our village and the region, thanks to the commitment of numerous volunteers and the support of our partners.

Phone : 04 75 36 71 30

Sport Nature Saint Jean

Sport Nature Saint Jean

The association offers outdoor activities: trail/running, hiking, mountain biking. The club is affiliated with the French athletics federation for the running section. Training and outings are open to all levels.

Phone : 06 72 42 34 03

Cadences Coiron Accessible for self-propelled wheelchairs

Cadences Coiron

Cultural association whose objective is to support emerging musicians or groups, local if possible, to create links between music and documentary films, and offer Lussas and surroundings, easy access to any form of art (painting, .. .)

Phone : 06 07 32 44 70

Saint Jean Animations Accessible for self-propelled wheelchairs

Saint Jean Animations

Animations and life of the village.
3 key events:
Coinche contest (April 14th, 2024)
“Le fouillis de St Jean” the first Sunday of September
“Des livres et vous” book fair and discs 4th edition

Phone : 04 75 36 70 08