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A medieval village with a rich past to discover, and some pre-historic sites that bear witness to its inhabitants due to the number of dolmons scattered throughout the riverbanks of Auzon, St. Germain to Lussas
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Village of Saint-Germain
Saint-Germain village vue
Saint-Germain village vue Pont des Fusillés
Saint-Germain village vue Auzon
Village of Saint-Germain



The Gauls Gallic tribes inhabiting the territory experienced the Roman conquest. From historians, Caesar would have crossed the region. Remains of the Roman occupation remain including the Arch of a bridge and a pillar millaire serves as support to a cross.

It is the arrival of the Benedictine monks in the 12th century that can be established the foundation of the Church of St Germain. In 1893, the parishioners decided to place a statue of the Virgin on the Bell Tower after “the miraculous issuance of the parish” in the outbreak of plague in 1884.

Around the Church, is strolling in the old streets with houses of stone (St Germain had a career) and discover the old oven bread.

The village was also known for the cultivation of hemp which gave his name instead of the cannabiers.

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