Berg et Coiron
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Land of Art and History

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In 2011, four municipal associations grouped in the Joint Association of Southern Vivarais (SMVM) have been awarded the Country of Art and History issued by the Ministry of Culture and Communication.

This label, popular, is awarded on the basis of a rich and varied heritage, but more importantly, an ambitious project communities to protect and enhance.
The southern Vivarais is therefore one of 166 communities Label holders City or Country of art and history. Only in Ardeche to have that label, the Pah southern Vivarais joined eleven other communities in Rhône-Alpes already distinguished.

Contact the Land of Art and History of Southern Vivarais:

Pays d’art et d’histoire du Vivarais méridional

Syndicat Mixte du Vivarais Méridional

La Marjolaine – Place Georges Courtial

07700 Bourg-Saint-Andéol

Tel : 04 75 91 45 09

Mail :

The country of art and history offers year-round tours and entertainment heritage, you will find information and reservations by visiting the website of the Tourist Office  Berg and Coiron

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