Berg et Coiron
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“ Regional products: poultry, meat, cheeses, fruits and vegetables, fruit juices, jams, beers, bread and snacks from the oven ... The Co'pains will regularly offer entertainment and shows. Free participation. ”

Cultural Activities

Cultural activities

Here is the list of cultural activities in Ardèche located in the touristic territory of Berg & Coiron. To narrow your selection use the list of criteria on the left.

Farmhouse Daudet. Museum & Playground in the heart of nature.
In this authentic Provençal farmhouse, the family home of Alphonse Daudet, visit the Ardèche of the 19th century, learn about silkworm farming, past and present, and get to know the author of ‘Mr. Seguin’s Goat’. Then prolong the experience at the park.
Tel. : 04 75 39 65 07
Lussas Wildlife Park
Set sail on a magical trip to the animal world. Unique concept: get up close and personal with most of the animals when you step into their pens. Meet 300 farm animals on a fabulous family outing!
Tel. : 04 75 38 72 84
Aven d'Orgnac Cave - The Prehistory City
Aven d'Orgnac is a French "Grand Site" whose natural wonder is breath-taking! Join us for the Prehistory City, and the gigantic cave itself. Lots of different events are offered, an international exhibition!
Tel. : 04 75 38 65 10 | Fax : 04 75 38 66 40
Melvita | Organic beauty shop
"Established in 1983, the Ardèche organic cosmetics brand, MELVITA, invites you to learn about its history and values and to follow a product throughout the different production stages, on a free guided tour of the factory. 10% discount at the on-site boutique."
Tel. : 04 75 88 78 00
The Salamandre cave
Welcome to the Kingdom of the Crystal Giants. Discover this magical cavity adorned with gigantic concretions exalted by colour and sound: activities for all, emotion included.
Tel. : 04 66 600 600
Prehistoric zoo of Marzal
Along a path through the woods of 800 m, accessible to all, you will discover more than 20 scenes of prehistoric animals, original high (dinosaurs and other).
Tel. : 04 75 04 12 45
Museum silkworm - Magnanerie
Silkworms once wove a prosperous economic fabric that everyone shared. Discover the silkworm’s story of the natural world as well as its economic and social history (films, model, various objects...) At the silk farm, the entire process of traditional silkworm breeding, from the egg to the butterfly.
Tel. : 04 75 88 01 27 | Fax : 04 75 37 14 24
Aven Marzal : the cave
A truly memorable experience.. wher you can discover different things ! Her, on this one site, unique in Europe, you will find caves to explore, a museum about the amazing subterranean world and a zoo called "The Dino Forest". Come and visit us for a day full of rich expériences : a journey back in time down to the center of the earth.
Tel. : 04 75 04 12 45
Grotte Chauvet 2 - Ardèche
Discover the first masterpiece of humanity from 36000 years ago: hundreds of hunting, running or fighting animals drawn from life. In a 20 hectare park, the grotte Chauvet II - Ardèche (largest cave replica in the world) recreates the magic of the UNESCO World Heritage listed Chauvet cave.
Tel. : 04 75 94 39 40
Museum Olivier de Serres
Experience 16th century agriculture over the seasons through texts by Olivier de Serres, an icon of modern agronomy. Sample farm produce (wine, juice, goat cheese). Foodie Ardèche breaks.
Tel. : 04 75 36 76 56
Thermes de Vals les Bains
Fitness center and wellness. The baths welcome you for wellness care . Pampering and relaxation assured.
Tel. : 04 75 37 46 68 | Fax : 04 75 37 04 63
Guided tours with Wind-Age
The Ardèche history is captivating! Our country guides will tell you with passion this extraordinary history ! Guided tours, day, 1/2 day, à la carte, designer shop.
Tel. : 06 41 29 49 78
Montreal Castle 12th 16th century
This castle’s medieval and renaissance architecture is unique to the area. It is open to the public all year long except in February. During the summer there are guided tours and medieval activities.
Tel. : 04 75 89 91 81
Sainte Marie's abbey church
Cruas abbey church, Romanesque architecture masterpiece, is the witness of Cruas monks eventful past. Don't miss the monastic podium (12th century) rediscovered 40 years ago, as well as the crypt (11th century) and the mosaic (12th century).
Tel. : 04 75 49 59 20
Grotte de Saint-Marcel-d'Ardèche
In the heart of the Gorges de l'Ardèche, you will love the Saint-Marcel cave with the size of its galleries and the richness of its concretions, including the enchanting cascade of Gours. Unique in Europe! Guided tour of 1h - 2 sound and light shows.
Tel. : 04 75 04 38 07 | Fax : 04 75 04 18 02
Visites avec Géoloc Guide
Geo-localised itinerary with an audio guide on your mobile. Towns, villages and self-driving tours. Local tourist guides.
Tel. : 06 41 29 49 78
Castle of Vogüé
The Château de Vogüé invites you to walk in the footsteps of the marquis of Vogüé and thus discover the history of this site and of the prestigious family from Vivarais.
Tel. : 04 75 37 01 95
Aubenas Bowling
Bowling 6 computerized lanes with barriers (bumper) for children. Whatever the season as it is equipped with air conditioning. In a colorful atmosphere that bowling is very family friendly. We await you for your next game.
Tel. : 04 75 35 31 80
Isla Cool Douce leisure centre
The leisure centre lies in a 4ha protected and listed nature site. It's the perfect place to spend a day with family and friends, celebrate a birthday, have a party or just chill out. The best natural beach in the Ardèche.
Tel. : 04 75 36 20 76
Orgnac Immersions® : virtual tour in 360° immersion
A virtual tour in 360° immersion, exploring the Aven d’Orgnac underground networks and the Beaume de Ronze archaeological excavation site.
Tel. : 04 75 38 65 10 | Fax : 04 75 38 66 40
Come and visit the museum and the archaeological site of Alba-la-Romaine. Travel back in time to the Gallo-Roman Ardèche!
Tel. : 04 75 52 45 15
Farm Olivier de Serres
Agriculture in 16th century France, with a focus on the remarkable writings of Olivier de Serres, sometimes referred to as the father of French agriculture.
Tel. : 04 75 36 76 56
Rochemaure castle
Overlooking the Rhône valley from its neck, Rochemaure castle (black balsalt), probably built by the Adhémar family from Montélimar between the 11th and 12th century, has still not give up all its mysteries. The old village is well worth a visit and offers a wonderful lookout.
Tel. : 04 75 49 59 20
Natural history museum of Ardèche - Paleodiscoveries
In a bright, modern decor, more than 600 original fossils tell the story of the rocks and landscapes of Ardèche. Embark on an unusual journey through 500 million years of history. This adventure is suitable for young children too, thanks to the explanations provided and to the labOdino!
Tel. : 04 28 40 00 35
Aven d'Orgnac – The Cave
In lush green surroundings, the majestic Cave and the modern Prehistoric Museum offer a participative tour that’ll have you dreaming, exploring and learning as you share this let-go experience.
Tel. : 04 75 38 65 10 | Fax : 04 75 38 66 40
Museum of lavender
Come and see how essential oils are extracted, and how a flower is magically transformed by artisanal distillation.
Tel. : 04 75 04 37 26 | Fax : 04 75 04 23 66
Grotte de la Cocalière
Come and discover the Cocalière, one of France's greatest caves, and set off on a wonderfull journey to the center of the Earth, between Gard and Ardèche. Return by little train.
Tel. : 04 66 24 34 74


Mirabel - Mobile theater cultural center, history and heritage
Saint-Jean-le-Centenier - L'Atelier du Santon
Villeneuve-de-Berg - Museum of Popular Art and Tradition of Berg area
Villeneuve-de-Berg - Paintings discovery with Mr François Beaujolin

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