Berg et Coiron
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Associations and Clubs


Associations: members and non-members

Association Culture en Fait
The association wants to promote the culture with the educative, artistic, social dimensions in Villeneuve de Berg and its surroundings. It organizes many events all around the year such as the festival "d'une cour à l'autre" last week-end of May.
St Jean Animations
Animations and life of the village and dance training
Tel. : 06 11 90 50 53
Phoenix Dance Line 07
Dance association to promote on line dance (country and modern line). Courses all levels in St Jean le Centenier, demonstrations and animations on request. Courses will (re)start on September 3, 2018.
Tel. : 06 64 33 22 39
Association Solitarium Circus
Equestrian art and exchange of knowledge.
Tel. : 04 75 37 83 69
Bien être en Coiron
Association which aims to promote "all actions related to well-being" (meetings, exchanges, information, assistance) related to nutritional health, and the environment.
Tel. : 06 08 75 75 36
Association Société des Enfants et Amis de Villeneuve-de-Berg
Conservation of the heritage of Berg area. Management and development of the Museum (traditionnal arts).
Tel. : 04 75 94 73 19
Association Accueil Ibie
Association. Group of owners of accomodations and beds and breakfast in the Vallée de l'Ibie.
Tel. : 04 75 37 46 72
Cadences Coiron
Cultural association whose objective is to support emerging musicians or groups, local if possible, to create links between music and documentary films, and offer Lussas and surroundings, easy access to any form of art (painting, .. .)
Tel. : 06 07 32 44 70


Berzème - Association Coiron À Venir
Berzème - Association Football-Club of Berzème
Darbres - Association Clede
Darbres - Association U.N.R.P.A Darbres
Lussas - Amicale Laïque de Lussas
Lussas - Association Foyer Rural de Lussas
Lussas - Association La Maison du Doc/Ardèche Images
Lussas - Celebrations committee of Lussas
Lussas - Section de la Basse Ardèche des Supporters de l'ASSE
Mirabel - Association "Institut olivier de SERRES"
Mirabel - Association Mirabel Anim'
Mirabel - Association Savoirs de Terroirs
Mirabel - Centre d'Initiative pour Valoriser l'Agriculture et le Milieu rural
Mirabel - Compagnie Zarina Khan Rhône-Alpes
Saint-Andéol-de-Berg - Comité des Fêtes
Saint-Germain - Association "La Palle d'Auzon"
Saint-Germain - Club des Ainés de l'Auzon
Saint-Gineis-en-Coiron - ACCA Saint-Gineys-en-Coiron
Saint-Gineis-en-Coiron - Celebrations committee of Saint-Gineys-en-Coiron
Saint-Jean-le-Centenier - "Amicale laïque" of Saint-Jean-le-Centenier
Saint-Jean-le-Centenier - Association "Bugnes et Fêtes"
Saint-Jean-le-Centenier - Association des Modélistes Ferroviaires Ardéchois
Saint-Jean-le-Centenier - Comité des Jeunes
Saint-Maurice-d'Ibie - Association La Boule de l'Ibie
Saint-Maurice-d'Ibie - Collectif Local Contre les Gaz et Huiles de Schistes
Saint-Maurice-d'Ibie - Comité des Fêtes of Saint-Maurice-d'Ibie
Saint-Pons - Amicale laïque of Saint-Pons
Saint-Pons - Association Marché Paysan de Saint-Pons
Sceautres - Association "Au Champ"
Sceautres - Association Festineck
Sceautres - Association La Grange aux Arts
Sceautres - Comité des Fêtes of Sceautres
Villeneuve-de-Berg - APEL Ecole Catholique
Villeneuve-de-Berg - Amicale laïque de Villeneuve-de-Berg
Villeneuve-de-Berg - Association "Maison d'Accueil Le Phare"
Villeneuve-de-Berg - Association DINA
Villeneuve-de-Berg - Association Jeunesse Sportive Berg Helvie
Villeneuve-de-Berg - Association LUCAV (Union of businesses and handkrafters from Villeneuve-de-Berg)
Villeneuve-de-Berg - Association La Boule Amicale de Villeneuve-de-Berg
Villeneuve-de-Berg - Association La Pétanque du Pays de Berg
Villeneuve-de-Berg - Association Les Randonneurs du Pays de Berg
Villeneuve-de-Berg - Association Maison Familiale Rurale
Villeneuve-de-Berg - Association Rugby Club Villeneuve-de-Berg
Villeneuve-de-Berg - Association du Petit Tournon
Villeneuve-de-Berg - Association of Protection of the Heritage
Villeneuve-de-Berg - Compagnie La Grange à Papa
Villeneuve-de-Berg - Departmental committee of orienteering

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