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Overlooking the Ardeche, you will find the Gaullic oppidum of Jastres. Its defensive walls were built in three stages of construction.
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Oppidum de Jastres
Oppidum de Jastres
Oppidum de Jastres
Oppidum de Jastres



The first is represented by a stone dry wall, and divided the oppidum into 4 acres, dating 130 AC. Then, the enlargement of the oppidum translates into a massive book luminous square towers engaged in the work. An external key, usually found in camps Roman and serves as a forward defence of the door, and the use of the mortar to bind the nucleus are observed in this second phase dating back to 80 AC. Finally, a third phase, about 50 AC, double this construction of vibrant, alternately round and square towers. The latter State more widely uses the mortar for siding and towers. The back of these fortifications is noticeable a habitat composed of houses interspersed by a network of different sizes. This site is the former Chief City of the Helviens place, prior to the creation of Alba Helviorum.

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