La bulle en soi(e)

Stressed, tired? Come and recover in a calm and calm place where you can recharge your batteries to find relaxation and serenity thanks to a personalized well-being massage and/or a sophrology session.
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La bulle en soi(e)
La bulle en soi(e)
La bulle en soi(e)
La bulle en soi(e)
La bulle en soi(e)
La bulle en soi(e)
La bulle en soi(e)
La bulle en soi(e)
La bulle en soi(e)
La bulle en soi(e)
La bulle en soi(e)



Touch is a fundamental sense for human beings. It has an impact on our physical, mental and relational health. Indeed, a well-being massage can energize, revitalize and relax the body and mind. In addition, it eliminates stress and tension to restore the balance and harmony of the different flows in the body. Promoting letting go, it can help reduce pain or prepare or recover after physical exertion or emotional shock.
Practitioner qualified and approved by the French Federation of Well-being Massages (FFMBE), I offer personalized well-being massages adapted to your needs of the day. I use different tools and techniques (Californian, Swedish, Balinese, polarities…) in order to offer you great relaxation, a deep body-mind union to provide you with physical and mental well-being.
At your convenience, I can offer you a gentle, enveloping massage with ample movements or a more invigorating massage after which you will feel your whole body energized, toned, sculpted because the movements are deeper. Following a short interview, I can also offer you a subtle mix of my different techniques to make this moment unique and personalized at your request.

Sophrology uses various exercises (breathing, contractions, muscle relaxation, visualization of positive images) to act on the physical and the mental. It allows a better knowledge of oneself, to develop its potential and its capacities. It is aimed at all those (from children to seniors) who wish to develop their well-being on a daily basis. Having obtained my professional certification, I offer individual sessions to help you find your own solutions to a problem you encounter or group sessions to discover sophrology and what it can bring you in your daily life. La Bulle in itself, a space of softness in which it is pleasant to find oneself because time is suspended there to the rhythm of your breathing. So, dare to enter and ask yourself, all you have to do is push the door….

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Nurse then health manager for many years, in 2017, I wanted to reorient myself professionally. After obtaining a diploma as a practitioner in well-being massage, I wanted to become a sophrologist. Indeed, after having developed my skills in healing and being at a turning point in my career, I wanted to turn to professions of well-being and helping relationships. I have always had a strong appetite for relating to others, listening, and caring. Qualities that drive me and that I find in these two professions.


Open all year round.
By appointment only

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* Wellness massage prices:
1h 50€, 1h30 70€
* Sophrology prices:
individual session 1h 50€,
group session 1h: 15€/person; discovery workshops: 3h 40€/person.