LSF en Ardèche

Meeting between the world of hearing people practicing sign language or wanting to practice it with the world of the deaf. Organization of cafés/signs, restaurant/signs, guided tours in LSF, themed courses, walks/signs and many other events...
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LSF en Ardèche
LSF en Ardèche
LSF en Ardèche
LSF en Ardèche
LSF en Ardèche
LSF en Ardèche
LSF en Ardèche
LSF en Ardèche
LSF en Ardèche



I am often asked:
What are my objectives with the Asso?
I have so many that I decided to list them for you, I’m sure I’ve forgotten some…

1- Bring the deaf and hard of hearing out of their isolation
With the arrival of the masks, I found myself completely lost! (Impossible to read lips, panic on board). So I tried to meet other deaf people like me to know their feelings and share simple moments but it’s complicated!! Well yes, how to recognize a deaf person in the street since it is an invisible “handicap”? So I wanted to create, in my own way, a kind of local “deaf community”.

2- Promote Sign Language
Learning Sign Language is not accessible to everyone, why? too expensive or too far… So, I’m certainly not a trainer, but I can teach you what I know! With great pleasure too!!

3- Improve the reception of the deaf in public places or various structures
And there is work!
How am I going to go about it?
Through an intervention with learning the basics of LSF (hello, thank you, goodbye, please, can I help you?) and through sessions to raise awareness of deafness via noise-canceling headphones or other…
For who ? Hospitals, schools, police station, gendarmerie, shops, large companies, town halls, medical centres, pharmacies… I believe that these places should have “at least” one signing person on their premises.

4- Offer guided tours, shows, debates or other in LSF
No real interpreter (to avoid a significant additional cost) but just me getting by…economical, huh? LOL
Some places offer guided tours of their “domain” or “park” or “cave” or other but these are always oral tours (yuck), or even worse, with headphones, the joke!! What if we stop this? What if we knocked down this firecracker of the barrier between the deaf and the hearing?


Animation all year round, except during school holidays when no event is scheduled.


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