Berg et Coiron
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“ Regional products: poultry, meat, cheeses, fruits and vegetables, fruit juices, jams, beers, bread and snacks from the oven ... The Co'pains will regularly offer entertainment and shows. Free participation. ”

Natural sites

Natural sites

Here is a list of natural sites in Ardèche located in the touristic territory of Berg & Coiron. To narrow your selection use the list of criteria on the left. Click on more information for a detailed description of each site.

Coulées basaltiques
Remarkable natural site - Basalt columnar.
Tel. : 04 75 36 72 02 | Fax : 04 75 36 77 73
Balmes de Montbrun
Thirty caves, some of them consisting of 2 levels, have been carved into different places in the cliffs. You can still see how people once lived in the caves: beams, staircases, coves, skylights, gutters, grooving and seating.
Tel. : 04 75 94 89 28
25 acres around the castle of various tree varieties to discover like pines, sycamores, oaks, mable trees and others.
Tel. : 04 75 36 70 97
Panoramic viewpoint
Panoramic viewpoint on the Coirons massif and on the mountains of Ardèche.
Tel. : 04 75 94 24 32 | Fax : 04 75 94 24 32
Dolmen at Mias
Neolithic dolmen at the hamlet of Mias.
Tel. : 04 75 94 20 06 | Fax : 04 75 94 21 66
Neck Basaltique
The Neck of Sceautres is the most important in Europe. It is a part of a very old volcanic mountain chain. There is a statue of the Virgen Mary at its peck.
Tel. : 04 75 52 44 80
Located at la Roche Chérie, the neck is accessible by car in following the little hamlet. You can park you on the site. It is situed between 2 ledges of basaltic rocks. For the future: extension of the crossroads and parking.
Tel. : 04 75 36 70 70

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