Berg et Coiron
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“ Regional products: poultry, meat, cheeses, fruits and vegetables, fruit juices, jams, beers, bread and snacks from the oven ... The Co'pains will regularly offer entertainment and shows. Free participation. ”

Local Handicrafts

List of Handicraft makers in the Berg & Coiron territory

Here is the list of handicraft makers in Ardèche located in the touristic territory of Berg & Coiron. To narrow your selection use the list of criteria on the left.

Wind-Age: La Magnanerie - Atelier Créateur
La Magnanerie: creator workshop, at the small square of Mirabel, called "Place du Crieur". Jewelry, ready-to-wear, cold drinks, ice cream.
Tel. : 06 12 53 65 43
Pomclic - Communications agency, Design Studio
Printing on different mediums - Website development - Design software training - Communication agency. Graphic creation, flyers, brochures, textiles.
Tel. : 04 75 35 38 22
Lanscape gardener  Clef confiance 07
Landscape firm: garden, garden / pool masonry for 10 years in southern Ardèche, stewardship service for second home.
Tel. : 06 25 77 55 57


Villeneuve-de-Berg - Cab'âne - Saddlery "L'Eperon d'Argent"
Villeneuve-de-Berg - EURL JOURET
Villeneuve-de-Berg - Maçonnerie MARIJON
Villeneuve-de-Berg - Sewing shop "Mine de rien"
Villeneuve-de-Berg - Tabac-Presse-Loto
Villeneuve-de-Berg - Travaux Publics

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