Ardelyne Agri

Producer and processor of fruits, chestnuts and aromatic and medicinal plants. Organic jams and syrups, Tea bags, Dried fruits, chestnut creams. Shop: possibility of purchase and tasting only on request.
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Ardelyne Agri
Ardelyne Agri
Ardelyne Agri
Ardelyne Agri



Organic jams (Cherries, Cherries with Rosemary, Blackberries, Blackberries with Rosemary, Reine Claude Prunes, Mirabelles, Courgettes, Gingérines, Rosehips, Figs, Blackcurrant, Apricots …)
Organic syrups of plants or fruits (Cherries, Blackberries, Mirabelles, Grapes, Lavender, Rosemary, Verbena, Mint green …)
Creams and syrups of chestnut in AOP “Chestnuts of Ardèche” made by varieties (Aguyane, Bouche Rouge, Sardonne, Garinche, Castilloune)
Bags of aromatic and medicinal plants for infusions or cooking. (Verbena, Lavender, Mint green, Flowers of Elder, Rosemary, Lime …).


Open all year round, by appointment only.


  • AdressQuartier Haut Montbrun
    07580 Saint-Gineis-en-Coiron
  • Contact07 77 94 55 38
  • E-mailContact us by e-mail
  • GPS coordinatesLatitude : 44.622202
    Longitude : 4.549483


Jams: 240gr: 3,50€, 370gr: 4,80€
Chestnuts creams: 240gr: 4€, 370gr: 5,60€
Plant sirups: 25cl: 3,10€, 50cl: 5,30€
Fruit sirups: 25cl: 3,30€, 50cl: 6,10€
Herbs tea bag: 3,50€.