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The Trail de Juliau is back with some new features! This is a sporting competition with a race in the countryside, a high positive gradient and paths that are difficult to access for the most part, with stones and pebbles.
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Juliau Trail - 3rd edition
Juliau Trail - 3rd edition



The 3rd edition of the Trail de Juliau will take place on Sunday 21 April 2024.

Why Juliau? According to legend, Julius Caesar passed over the mountain between St Jean le Centenier and Alba la Romaine with his troops. He gave the name to this small massif. This will be part of our playground for the three routes, Petit Juliau, Grand Juliau and La Basaltique.

After two successful editions, the Trail de Juliau is back with some new features:

The Petit Juliau and Grand Juliau trails are getting a facelift with new routes:

Grand Juliau 21km and 900m D+.

Petit Juliau 11km and 450m D+.

La Basaltique 46km and 1900m D+: Cross history with an exceptional new route.

After 20km on the slopes of Juliau, switch to the slopes of Coiron and its black basalt rock for 25km and 1050m D+. You’ll be running through history: the old basalt quarry of St Jean le Centenier from the 1970s, the Balmes de Montbrun and its 13th-century troglodyte houses, the 13th-century Tour de Mirabel.


Sunday 21 April 2024.

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