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Take advantage of your trip to taste the diversity of our produces. The area Berg & Coiron and his farmers make a responsible farming with respect towards environment.
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– Vineyards produce fruity wines from the Ibie valley and around Villeneuve-de-Berg, homeland of Olivier de Serres, who creates basis of agronomics in the 16th century.

– The “Picodon” is the famous goat cheese. On the volcanic mountain “Le Coiron”, ovine and bovine offer a meat of high quality.

– Between Darbres and Saint-Pons, you can discover a chestnut grove, which produce the famous “Bouche Rouge”, approved by professionals.

– Flatlands of Lussas and Lavilledieu are use for fruit-growing: pears, apples and cherries are present on markets.

You find also others produces like “la ronde de Villeneuve-de-Berg” – a local olive, lavender, almond and honey.

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